Word wipe is an exciting and attractive puzzle game. It is a problematic word search problem.  In this game, the squares are full of letters, you need to search for words according to the theme you choose, and it is best to find as many English words as possible as soon as possible.

Word wipe’s game operations

Word wipe’s game operation is simple and easy to use. Only the left mouse button is needed to connect the first letter with the last message, thus the word search can be completed.

Word wipe’s game content

When playing the game formally, you can choose challenges from different regions.  After selecting a functional area, you can select the keywords you want to search for words, such as fruits and vegetables.  After starting the game, the time will be counted automatically.  And you need to find out the corresponding keyword words in these horizontal and vertical letters and find out as many words as possible.

The game features of Word wipe

It not only tests your observation but also enables you to improve your vocabulary.  Word wipe can give full play to your brain thinking ability so that you can learn to solve problems and complete tasks faster when searching for words.

If you are interested in English, you must come to word wipe. Find the words given by the topic and click this time to connect them. Or if you like mathematics, you can choose the common property of multiplication. Through games, you can fully grasp the knowledge of the exchange law of multiplication and apply it correctly.

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